now that the L.V. price hike is here...

  1. ok now show us what u bought because of the price increase of june 12th 2006?

    i bought a MC priscilla. + accessories (you all know i had to do it!)

  2. I love that wallet! I love how it has no vachetta to get yucky! Please post pics of you wearing the bag!
  3. Beautiful items. Which wallet is that?
  4. WOW great decision :love:
  5. sooo hot!
  6. What beautiful purchases!
  7. I love them all:love:.....
    White MC is my favourite too.:yes:
  8. :love: Priscilla! I almost picked that up sunday, but my daughter asked me to get it for her for Christmas instead. I think it would mortify her to be seen with the same bag as her MOM!!!
    Great purchase!
  9. GORGEOUS BUYS, 949!!!:love:

    I got me a blue Le Fab I've been lusting for:
  10. WOW! The Priscilla is totally gorgeous i'm seriously considering buying this for my next purchase!
    Lovin' the wapity! xxx
  11. Love all your new purchases, 949! Congrats! I've got a mono Wapity, but the white MC is cute, I'm thinking of getting one of those too.
  12. congrats.
  13. OMg...saw the priscilla this weekend! That is one BEAUTIFUL bag!!
  14. I'm in love... Congrat's.