Now I know what to do with my old scarves!!!

  1. This is from Q magazine, Summer 2007 issue. In the bottom right corner of this picture is a picture of J. Randall Powers, Sissy Davis, and Robert Chavez wearing Hermes scarves, according to the caption. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the 2 on the left are wearing masks made from scarves as well, Jardin Creole to be exact. Now I have an idea for Halloween. Having said that, I now expect Dressage Queen to pop up and say I don't actually need a mask on Halloween to frighten the children who come to my door.
  2. never cease to amaze me!
  3. And for your further viewing pleasure, more pics from Q magazine.

    Picture 1. An Hermes towel, bottom left.
    Picture 2. A Trim made of calfskin and Troika fur. Bottom left.
    Picture 3. A Plume belt, middle left
    Picture 4. An "H" belt.
    Picture 5. The model in the top left of the picture is wearing an Hermes bikini according to the caption.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  4. Finally,

    Picture 6. Collier de Chien cuff, looks to be white epsom with gold hardware. Bottom right.
  5. You could come out with a line of vintage H scarf thongs!?
  6. Oh, no, baby! Those HAVE to be barenia. Scarves don't develop patina, you know.
  7. Thanks HG for the scans, fun info!
  8. Granny panties then for the more mature audience? They have a patina of their own...they don't need one on their undies!
  9. Thanks for that visual TRL............................right before dinner.:weird:
  10. Gorgeous - thanks HG
  11. HG, what's Q magazine?

    Great pics, BTW!
  12. I'll send you a copy.
  13. You're a gem!
  14. BTW, I have 2 extra copies. Anyone who wants one, just PM me. The first 2 people to PM me will receive one. No charge.
  15. Neat pix!!