November 1-ish? or "Where's My Stuff?"

  1. Seriously. Where is my stuff? I pre-ordered it and the due date has come and gone, so where the $%& are the Rubis and the Mono Shearling already? Anyone else asking this question and what item are you impatiently waiting for?

    I"m also impatiently waiting for my official invite to next week's spring preview. Patience -- who's the idiot who thought it should be a virtue?
  2. i haven't gotten my tivoli either, grumble grumble
  3. I know that things have been hitting different areas at different times. I wonder how they send out items?

    I want my grey inclusion bangle.
  4. slowly. very, very slowly.

    I called 866 to check status - Nov 15 for mono shearling and Your-Guess-Is-As-Good-As-Mine for Rubis. At least I'm saving money.
  5. I was told by 1-866 yesterday that the release for the Tivoli's been postponed to November 15th.
  6. LV should change their release dates to "uummm whenever we feel like it"

    Can't believe you have a spring preview party we so need to get you a real spy cam you get all the best parties I think I hate you:greengrin:*

    *only joking girl love ya really!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I can't wait for you to get your mono shearling Restricter so I can live through you. From what I have seen from the pics that is going to be on beautiful bag!
  8. Do you know is that date worldwide or only the US?
  9. Lol more like, "where's my stuff." I'm waiting on the Inclusions but I think my SA is waiting until my size ring and the bracelet come in.
  10. yeah i'm waiting for tivoli. i last heard nov. 23 as the release date. grrr.
  11. my SA said I won't had my shearling until December, or maybe before X'mas, (sigh.........................)
  12. I can't wait to see the rubis!
  13. tivoli comes out on the 23rd though.
  14. I haven't heard a thing.
  15. guess it depends on store? H2girl already got her Rubis....