note to Monty owners...

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  1. not sure if you girls know this, but anyone that is in the market for a Monty or has already purchased one, I noticed something today.. the alignment of the pattern along each side of the zipper is uneven.. leading me to look at my bag from the top so I could see down the sides, and where the handles attach to the bag do not line up! I read horror stories here about the Tivoli's patch alignment, but I never thought to check the Monty for alignment issues!

    Any other Monty owners that have discovered this (either before or now that you've seen this post)?

    It's now much too late to be able to exchange, so I have to come to terms with its unevenness! Just wanted to give an FYI for everyone here!
  2. Thanks so much for the heads up!
  3. Thank you! Now I'm going to check my Monty out!
  4. Check out the Monty thread in the club section. I remember some gals discussing this and there are some photos.
  5. I just bought this purse, when I read what you said I quickly went to check it out, my alignment is .. i would say perfect... it's still a lovely purse thanks for the note!:wlae:
  6. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. i just checked my monty and the alignment is perfect on mine.
  8. Thanks, I was going to get the Monty in Paris next month and your informtion is invaluable.
  9. Can you complain to the store? I'd be ANGRY!
  10. I am very particular with alignment, so if you can still return it, why don't you do so? I bet there is a Monty out there that will be perfectly aligned.
  11. I just checked and mine is perfect, can you return yours?
  12. I will have to check mine when I go home tonight. I guess I'm not too worried about it though...I will still love it. :heart:
  13. I checked mine, and it's perfectly aligned!
  14. Thank you for the info. I just checked mine and the alignment is even and fine.
  15. Checked, the alignment of my Monty GM is perfect... ;)