Not Wailing anymore! New (smaller) whale has arrived!

  1. LOL okay okay okay PFers, I promise this will be the last thread re: my adventures with the ocean mammal masquerading as a sorry to beat a dead whale, i mean, horse..................but I am so excited and happy and grateful and wanted to take a moment and share with all of you, that I just received the black vinyl Coco Cabas...and took it to work, large CC charm dangling saucily from it, and suddenly giving my life new meaning :roflmfao:

    what an incredible bag..fits everything: makeup bag, wallet, 2 sets of keys, bottle of water, my Dayrunner, extra pair of flip flops, package of grapes and string cheese, sunnies, little journal, reading glasses, .............couple of lamps and the fridge..............nooo just kidding on the last item, but thing is, the bag is still light after its so happy and I thank the one who steered me in the right direction :heart:
    this evening while hubby was in our media room I was watching tv in the family room and purse sat beside all her shiny glory, content that she found a mommy in Florida lol

    thanks again ladies and gents for listening to my story and being so sweet and supportive

  2. woo hoo!!!!! congrats girl....
    pics please......
  3. Awww, love happy endings!

    I agree, give us some eye candy por favor:yes:
  4. Congrats! I'm glad you got something that you love. We want pics!!!
  5. Ooh! I was hoping for pics! Please post some when you get the chance! We want to see the baby whale! ;)
  6. So happy, you love your bag.
  7. Yay!!! Congratulations! Now pics please.
  8. congratulations!!
  9. Pics!!!!!!!!
  10. Feel so happy for you!! I like my vinyl coco cabas very much too! :love:
  11. Yes, we want to see the model with the purse-onality! And of course we want to see the bag too.