not toki doki...fafiness by lesport sac

  1. hi all i know its not toki doki but i just wanna share my fafiness print overnighter (i think that's what its called) got this about a month ago. haven't used it yet... maybe for when we go to the beach =) i just think this print is too cute to pass up.


  2. That's really cute, my bf's sis bought one when we went to Lesportsac a few months ago :biggrin:
  3. Its cute! I really want something in the fafi print.
  4. It is cute.. but i wouldn't use it xP
    *reminds me of alice in wonderland though :heart:*
  5. It's kinda twisted...I probably wouldn't use it either just because it's not my kinda style bag or the colors..but it is still cute for a different type of person I suppose my bf's sis lolz...kinda dark people, not dark color...but you know what i mean! haha.
  6. i know what u mean... but oh no i'm waay faaar from what you call "dark people" :p... love the color and print... that's what attracted it to me:love:
  7. Oh, I love your bag! It looks like a nice print placement. I still want to get this print but I'm still contemplating what style to get? There are more styles to choose from than Toki. I love your weekender since it captures more of the print but I never travel so I wouldn't really use a bag like that. I'm trying to decide on some kind of purse style. Did you order yours online or did you get it at a store?

    Does anyone know if the Fafi line will come out with more prints? Like Toki.
  8. Do you remember the name of that bag style, Frontcarrot? Your bag for a purse captures a lot of the print.
  9. it's a tori, a new style. it's like the tribeca, one of their classic lines, but with a longer handle so you could wear it on the shoulder. it's a cool bag coz when you're wearing it it doesn't seem that big. i love it.

  10. oh gosh front carrot i love how the prints show! love it!:heart::heart:

    black widow- thanks! i got mine at Tysons Corner, VA at a store called CUSP :yes:
  11. Really that is the Tori, hey! I really liked the style on the lesportsac website but what I wasn't sure about was the handle? I thought it looked too short and I wouldn't be able to wear it over my shoulder. Hmm, now you got me contemplating that style again.

    I guess what I need to know is the bag doesn't armpit you does it? I hope that makes some sense. Is the strap adjustable at all?
  12. hi nutmeghz!

    a fellow lesportsac fafiness fan!! yeah! haha i love your print placement too. where'd you get yours? i got mine thru the phone # at their website. so i got a totally random bag... i got lucky with the print!!

  13. lol no blackwidow... it's a long drop...too long to hit the armpit. the bottom of the bag falls on the side of your hips. i have a lot of room. hope this helps!

  14. oops i forgot to add... no the straps aren't adjustable.