Not loving the Spring Prada Runway line

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  1. I saw the new Spring Runway line go up on the Neimans and Saks websites and thought, hmmm...maybe they will look better in person. Well, during lunch today I saw them in person at Saks. I WANTED to like them, but they There's no other way to say it - they looked plastic and cheap...Saw the Spazzolato bag and clutch as well a bunch of others that aren't shown on the website. There was one black, shiny (not patent, but still shiny) leather one with a kiss lock closure that I kind of liked until I held it.

    I'm very disappointed. I just got my bonus and was all ready to get something new and couldn't find a thing!
  2. I'll be engaging in some retail therapy this week and will be hitting the NM Prada boutique. I hope I agree with you. I can't buy anything right now so if everything stinks, then I can come home happy. :nuts:
  3. Really..spring line s*cks, eh?! So glad I have what I have....DO come back w/ a full report PP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. was informed by my SA at NM that the prada clothing line has gone up 6% as of 2/10...i remember that the bags were going up too...has this taken effect yet?

  5. Yep.....dammit! :tdown:
  6. Not loving that PRICE TAG!!! :faint:
  7. I really like this Vitello Shine tote from the Spring collection but couldn't get over the workmanship though... the sealant IMO on the handles and other parts of the bag over-ran on every piece of of this item I viewed in the boutique. On another model i liked that was recently spotted on Miranda Kerr in blue, the sealant lining the top of the display bag had cracked, which made me hesitant about getting it.

    I've no doubts abt the quality of Prada's leather but I would've loved for Prada to improve a bit more in terms of workmanship... has anyone noticed anything about the workmanship of Prada bags of late?
  8. Yes, I agree. I went to NM to see the new items, and the new line is disappointing. For that matter, so are the lines from other designers too. So far, my bank account is safe! :graucho:
  9. Anyone saw the denim tote? How is that? The price is really good!
  10. I love love love the Spazzolato Tote in White. I think that's the only thing I like from the Spring Runway Collection lol.
  11. I have not seen it in person but my guess is that the price is good because it just an unlined denim tote and pretty much leatherless.

  12. :yes: ^^^ITA!