Not as in love with Chanel?? Whats wrong with me?

  1. I dont know whats got into me :confused1:.. but recently i rekindled my love for LV (which is strange cos i never expected myself to :shrugs:) and now when i look at my Chanel bags.. im ... ... ...

    Just this month alone.. i have purchased alot of LV bags/wallets and i am actually excited about them. Its the kind of feeling i had for Chanels.. Am i falling out of love for Chanel?

    Anyone experienced this before? Please share with me. :heart:
  2. I'm the opposite of you right now! I've left my LV buying habits and obsession and turned all goo goo about Chanel.
  3. maybe, maybe not! :p
    Maybe you just like change. . . could be a phase, or maybe you'll phase back into Chanel when they release more bags that you really love.
  4. lol i was exactly like u when i first joined PF..went all crazily in love with Chanel and lost all feelings for LV.. to a point where i never thought i could fall back in love with it. BUT geeee lately.. im all in love --> not with the newer LV designs but the older ones!! :s Weird aint it?


  5. yeaa maybe its just a phase im going through.. homonal imbalance perhaps? lol :p:p
  6. oh my... i'm the same way. i used to love my lv's and now i'm all googoo over my chanel's...
  7. its totally normal. I switch back and forth. Right now I'm very bored with LV unless its a limited style.

    OFF topic--but what didja get from LV that's got you all excited?
  8. There is nothing wrong with u!! You just want to change somthing thats different...human being are like this always like fresh and different stuff to satisfy our want and need.
  9. I once had nearly 30 LV bags. I am 25; I've carried LVs since age 18. Then, one day late last year, I went to the mall and kept seeing all these women with fake LVs and ... it just ruined it for me. It's like, what's the point in investing in something so nice when everyone and their mother is carrying a cheap knockoff ... I don't know. I guess I'm a snob. So I'm all Chanel now. It's rare to see a Chanel fake, at least here in CT, except for the Cambon line, which I avoid for that reason. xoox
  10. Me too!
    I have complete Chanel LUST!!!:love:
  11. hmmmm it seems most of you go from LV --> Chanel.. why am i the total oppposite? Chanel --> LV sounds a little wrong. :s
  12. I'm also feeling a bit less love for Chanel, at the moment. I haven't replaced it with anything though. (Although Jill has modeled some Prada bags that make me wonder why I'm not checking out that store more often... )

    I think the reason for my ambivalence, is that Chanel has not produced any 'must have' bags for me. Everything is really, really nice, but not perfect enough to get me reaching for my wallet. My old Chanel totes are much better for me, than any of the newer versions.

    I'm sure my enthusiasm will be rekindled when the 'perfect' bag comes along. Perhaps that's how it is with you? Chanel's recent styles aren't right for you?
  13. Hehe, I went the opposite way too! Marc Jacobs ---> Chanel ---> Balenciaga.
    Right now I am in this crazy BBag phase. I bought 2 this week. :shame: I usually go through phases like this, so I know it's normal but my boyfriend thinks I am nuts because there will be a certain style bag I only talk about, then end up switching to another style. That is why he said he will never buy me a bag because I don't even know what I want. I know in Fall I will probably get back in Chanel again once I see the new bags coming out.
  14. as for me, I love assorted Designer Labels, depending on which style or design.. but truly, I used to dislike Chanel coz i felt it was too oldie lookin'..then just this week, I don't know what hit me but I bought 5 Chanel's waaaah.. a Chanel 2.55 Navy Patent Large Reissue, 2.55 Bordeaux Reissue, 2.55 Beige Classique Flap Medium, Lux Flap in Metallic Black and a Medallion Pink Caviar Tote... oh my goodness right? whew. but i still love Dior, Gucci and LV.
  15. It's like chocolate. Chocolate is delicious and you always want more. But when you eat as much chocolate as you want, it looses its interested. you get bored of it. Just have a break. it will be even better when you come back....