Not another case of a Hopeless Chanel Addict

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  1. I have been on a 'supposedly' self-imposed ban from everything and anything divine, since i've spent more than my fair share. For those who know me, you ladies know i have a baby cabas and timeless patent black clutch coming my way... :shame: and not forgetting my magenta LE city bbag. NONE of them has actually arrived yet, i am already eyeing on a pair of loubs and chanel pumps. :nogood: And to think that i was actually fighting a battle between the bbag and cabas, and then the cabas and clutch...LOL. To pacify my mom, i suggested not taking any allowance unless necessary (up till my birthday in Feb to ease my guilt-stricken heart, sigh).

    So to add onto my NEVER-be-cured-hopelessness (I call myself the HCA, actually, my mom came up with it - the Hopeless Chanel Addict, LOL, it was quite funny), today's intent of going downtown to shop was to hunt for the perfect present for my dad's upcoming birthday. And as naively as i thought, that's all - a hunt for a birthday present. Yea right! Instead of hunting for his present, i ended up sashaying into Miu Miu, Prada, Celine, blah blah and then Gucci and found the perfect gift - a chunky silver link bracelet with hexagon screw for my daddy. And thereafter, i went to Chanel, and that was it. The death of me. I ended up buying a 'present' for myself too. LOL. I HAD TO resist myself from buying the reissue cardholder for my timeless clutch (which isn't even here). OMG. I was telling my SA, no no no only the necklace please, quickly swipe the card before i change my mind! :drool:

    I am not a living contradiction, so not, so NOT! *chants to herself* Nooooooo......


    I didn't manage to get the other necklace in glass beads all around (as you've seen on our fellow tpfers) because this lady before me who was already in the boutique apparently bought the last ones in blue and pink! Urgh, i have the worst luck! But nonetheless, thank god for that actually (that goes to show i have no fate with that beaded necklace), if not for that i wouldn't have found this simple yet stunning beauty :graucho: I love how it looks on me, just so simple yet the color of the blue stones pop out! Simply divine, IMHO. I have to post modelling pics to do this necklace justice! :heart:


    Upclose shot. I took a close-up of the model number so you guys can have a reference if you're interested. The price stated is in Singapore dollars (S$980), btw.:supacool:

    xoxo, Cheryl
  2. So nice, love it !!:nuts::heart:
    Congrats on your new purchase !!!
  3. LOVELY!!!!!!! So chic! I love it!! Modeling pics please...!!
    Just wondering, did you go the Ngee Ann City boutique? How's the inventory over there? hehe :flowers:
  4. Gorgeous necklace, congrats!!!
  5. thanks!! i love it! :love: i wore it out once i paid b/c my SA told me i had to wear it, it went so well with my outfit! it's actually cheaper too LOL. the one you bought was i think S$1250? about there, if i remember correctly. i didn't really see carefully. but i remember it's S$12XX. :Push:

    the only Chanel boutique in Singapore is actually the one in Ngee Ann. are you a local? actually, i think the stock in HK are alot better, my dad always goes back to HK so he usually buys Chanel for me there :roflmfao:

  6. lol, I think you're mistaken, It's the other pfers that bought the pink necklace.. hehe..
    actually, I'm not local haha.. but I visit Spore quite often, early this year, I rarely saw anything good in their inventory. Last year summer (2006), the boutique was under renovation (moved to near MaxMara & Larry's floor at NAC), and I only managed to buy the Chanel earrings.

    back to topic, once again, your necklace is soooo droolworthy!! I love the big CC on it and the beads are unique too.. :heart::heart::heart:
  7. Love your necklace.

    No modelling pics? :P
  8. ch3rrybl0ss0ms: oooopppsss!! sorry! i got confused with you and charmaine... LOL, shoot me! sorry! i'm so deprived from sleep! :sad:

    where are you from, if you don't mind me asking? hehe, i love the beads on the big CC, i personally don't have a thing for huge logos but this is just TDF!

    xoxo (pssst, come back to visit in JAN! i'll most prob be organising a local tpf outing!) :heart:

    divingcandie: not yet! you gotta wait until friday, okay? i'm in my PJs ready to take a catnap! :upsidedown: hehe sorry!
  9. thank you! you could get one too! :P hee xoxo
  10. lol.. I'll PM you.. ;)
  11. ^ okay, i'll be waiting. anyway, have you decided on which bag are you keeping for yourself? the cabas right? we can be sisters now if you do! xo
  12. omg.. i just saw the thread...

    the necklace is gorgeous..

    the present you bought for yourself, did it end up being more expensive than your dad's? hehe..

    how much is the reissue cardholder??
  13. ladydeluxe that is beautiful necklace...Congrats!
    I saw the matching ring in my boutique :drool::drool:
    Enjoy it.
  14. God, I love that necklace...anyone know how much it is in our dollars?
  15. There's a reissue cardholder?!!!! Rats, why haven't I seen it? Am I blind? I only saw the camelia ones. Please post a pic!!!

    AND the necklace is gorgeous. As you related your story, I saw myself. It's difficult shopping and not picking up something for the shopper. Difficult, hmm, it's darn near impossible truth be told.
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