Not a right time to have...

  1. Hmm...How should I start this little story...? My friend is a pregnant (1st trimester), and she has been experiencing kind of bad morning sickness. She is sensitive to food and smells nowadays.

    Okay...She has been wanting black Birkin with PH for a longest time in smooth leather (such as box, swift, chamonix...etc..not too grainy leather..). Anyway, wonderful SA brought out a huge orange box and took out a beautiful black swift birkin with PH, and I was ready to drool and expecting my friend would jump up and down saying 'Halleluya'!

    As soon as the sleeper bag was open, next I realized friend was RUNNING to the bathroom!!!!! Swift leather has wonderful Hermes leather smell! It's like new-car-smell, which makes all Hermes addicts(:p ) happy! Sometimes, I even sniff my bags to just smell Hermes leathers! I am sure she would love that smell normally, but triggered her morning sickness! Both of us(my friend and I) were like 'It's not a right time to have morning sickness!!'

    She came back and tried to look at her dream bag, but AGAIN!!! As soon as the box was opened and the Birkin came out, she RAN again!

    She could not even go near the bag! She was about to cry! She has been wanting that combination Birkin for a long time, but she can't even go close to the bag! I suggested her she could buy it now and use it later, but she said 'no'. Because she would be even more sad to see her dream bag that would make her sick(morning sickness), so, she would not be able to even open it for months...And as the leather smell makes her go to the bathroom, her dream bag does not appeal to her as much anymore.

    Oh, well...I (actually the SA) put so much energy to hunt down that bag for her, but we left the store without that black beauty. This baby saved alot of money for her/his father today:graucho: :rolleyes: !
  2. That is the saddest thing I've ever heard!!! :sad: (I hope your friend feels better soon!)
  3. Poor thing your friend is, aspen. You're so sweet helping your friend to score one. Very nice of you.

    Any chance of this birkin being kept behind for a few more weeks? Things might change the moment she crosses into her 2nd trimester. Possible?
  4. I want to birkin is it still available??!! Haha, the baby is working for daddy already, damn. I am so sorry for your friend, it really is cruel and unusual punishment! Worse than Chinese nipple torture. lol :sad: Hope she feels better and maybe she will have better luck after she gives birth.
  5. oh no! that's terrible! i feel sorry for her - hopefully that phase will fade out soon and she'll have her dream bag in the second trimester!

    luckily, i never had that problem....poor DH!
  6. oh my, I feel so bad for your friend URGH! I cannot imagine.. that throwing up must be REALLY BAD!
    I second MrsS, are they able to keep for a while, when she pass her 1st trimester? *cross fingers*
  7. Oh, Aspen, I feel many of us could relate to this. Of all things, when I was pregnant I could not stand jewelry! I didn't want gold or metals or a watch touching my skin. And, I normally love jewelry!

    Well, I got over that pretty quickly!

    If she could just give it a few months it will pass as I think we all know. I feel bad for her....:sad: and so wish the Birkin could be bought and put away for her as I feel she WILL eventually love it......:yes:
  8. Wow. That is the definition of BAD TIMING. I hope your friend feels better soon; there will always be another bag in her future if she still wants one.
  9. Oh, my, J....that is the saddest story:crybaby: :crybaby: ....

    But, I have a friend who had to move out of the city to her in-laws in Maine when she was pregnant because she just couldn't stand the everyday smells of city life ......let alone the smell of a Hermes swift birkin!!

    You were a good friend to help her in her search -- and after the baby's arrival, you two can do it again!!
  10. She must be having a boy! LOL! Seriously, I feel bad for her! But hopefully, her morning sickness will subside soon, especially once she starts her second trimester!!! I wish her well, and hopefully, that birkin will be hers one day- and will make her smile!!!!
  11. Oooohhhhh, poor thing. I had v v v bad morning sickness my first pregnancy and I know exactly how terrible it can be :sad:. I hope your friend gets over it soon :smile:.
  12. Oh, aspenmartial, what a sad story. I really feel for your dear friend. :crybaby: I wish they could keep the birkin for her for a few weeks since these are such unusual circumstances. More importantly, I hope that her morning sickness will go away soon (I had one friend who had it for her entire pregnancy each time).
  13. Maybe she could buy it and you could keep it for her until her morning sickness goes away? She shouldn't let this opportunity pass! It's her DREAM bag!
  14. Oh that is so awful!! Poor thing -- I had it bad with the smell of bacon cooking myself...I can't imagine leather making me ill!!! I don't think I could have walked away somehow though lol....I would have made YOU keep it for me until I could handle the smell!!!
  15. That's terrible...perhaps her hubby can pick it up and surprise her with it after the morning sickness passes....