Northern VA girls- potomac mills- tj's!

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  1. Well yesterday my mom sister and i went to the tj maxx over in potomac mills mall- i think everyone should head to their tj maxx because they had alot of stuff!
    well so of course the first thing i do when i go in there is race to te purses to scout out coach stuff!
    they had two of those hamptons stripe demis- i think they were factory bags- specifically, they were the purple green and blue striped ones- not my cup of tea, but :smile:
    they also had a large hobo in this print.
    they had a small purple soho looking bag, purple suede- it was cute but very small,
    also they had a tweed bag there, hmm lets see if i can find a pic....
    [​IMG] like this,i am not sure how much that was....
    then they also had a really cute white duffle, it was with the flowers (scribble flowers i want to say) and the bumble bee...... it was 169, which i was -> <- this close to buying, but :angel:decided to wait and save for my beloved gold signature stripe tote!:love:
    here are eBay pics of what i saw-
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    so anyone who lives around here, should check it out, but it seemed to me that they had alot of coach stuff- not a whole lot, but certainly the most i've seen! everyone should check out your tj's just to see!
  2. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Our TJ's had a lot of Coach this week as well! They had the same bags you listed, plus the tweed bag in a black/blue choice, and hunter green suede (Soho?) hobos, large and small. I bought the large and small green suedes, large was $159 and small was $ I have to decide which to keep and which to eBay!
  4. I've been seeing those striped ones there a lot lately (multiple locations) and the tweed in orange and blue. That particular one pictured by the OP was $149.99. There was also that same pattern but a smaller bag (can't remember what style though).
  5. I saw the orange tweed crusher hat at my outlet & I've seen the bag & wristlet at various Marshalls. I've seen the stripes at several TJs & I also saw a limited edition wristlet from spring 2004 (written on the hangtag) at one. So if any of you are totally loving any of these patterns, it sounds like the discount stores in the SouthEast (I'm in NC) have a decent selection!
  6. My sister in law works at TJ Maxx here in Scottsdale and she lets me know sometimes when they recieve Coach items. Just yesterday she told me they had coach sunglasses I believe they are the Luci with the red heart on the side. She said they're 59.99 not bad but I didn't really like them.
  7. Some TJs have it and so does Marshalls. It's a hit or miss. The TJs or Marshalls I went to in MD had a lot of Coach and kate spades. When I went to Oklahoma for Christmas, the Marshalls that I went to had nothing.
  8. Tjmaxx recently has had a lot of coach items. I am located in SC. I seen handbags, planners,and charms.
  9. OMG!! I would totally freak if my TJs had sunnies! :yahoo: I've been after a particular pair for quite a while, but I can't bring myself to pay eBay prices & I always seem to find something I want worse for the $$!