Normally,how much is it to send a letter to CANADA?

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  1. I just did an estimate on how much it is on USPS,FED EX,and UPS..

    Is it really that expensive? Like over 10 bucks atleast for a letter?

    I think I did something wrong.

    I live in So.Cali, has any1 sent a letter to Canada and do u know how much it usually is?

    Oh btw, I chose EXPRESS...

    Thanks in advance!!!!

  2. I just did the same thing for a buyer asking me for express shipping on a postcard coupon to canada, it was $16.25 for express 2-3days and $25.25 for guaranteed 1-3 day document service. Quite spendy! priority would be $4.25 for 3-5 days, that's the best way.
  3. WOW, that is expensive to mail a letter.

    These are the USPS rates (for letters):
    USPS Postage Rate Calculator

    I would've just gone with the $0.63 route. The letter WILL get there eventually. I use FEDEX (the company, not Britney's ex) to ship documents that I need to ship ASAP and pay the outrageous amount because it's guaranteed to be there the next day before noon. USPS guarantees 1-3 business days, that's bs, and you're paying the same amount.
  4. Thank you very much for the responses! I think I'll go with Fedex' priority. :biggrin: