Nordstrom Return Policy Thread!!

  1. I think it varies. Nordstrom has started to become more stringent on its return practices. Unfortunately (and despicably), ppl take advantage of Nordstrom's good graces when it comes to its return policy. This affects Nordstrom's bottom line.

    Personally, if I was a business owner, and ppl just go hog wild on my lenient return policy, then I wind up with a lot of loss (and not enough profit). It's one thing to offer exceptional customer service, but it's quite another to basically be stomped on, you know what I mean? (Oh, and this by no means is directed at your return attempt. I have also been in the situation where I had a defective product and needed to do a rtn, but I paid w/cash). :sad:
  2. ^^^^ yeah I know what you mean!! Some people are just trying to get cash etc. I learned my lesson and now pay with my debit or credit card so I have proof.:tup:
  3. Thanks girl! I wanted to make sure you knew I wasn't singling you out (or accusing you of a sketchy return). Oh, and I'm right there w/you; I'm all about using my cc now. :yes:
  4. I bought a bottle of Chanel polish at Nordstrom last Friday, and I've tried it twice and I seriously despise it. Manicures last about 12 hours before chipping off in huge chunks. I've never had a polish wear so poorly. Perhaps I just got a bad bottle... but I definitely don't want to keep it. I know Sephora and Ulta allow returns of opened beauty items, but very unsure about a department store.

    Unfortunately I no longer have the receipt, but it is still in the original box.
  5. the box should have a nordstrom sticker that stores the transaction info. you can return it for a new one or something else, or a credit. they have a very liberal return policy.
  6. Nordstrom will definitely take it back, as long as the box still has the purchase sticker attached. (That sticker works as a receipt and can be used for returns, exchanges, gift receipt, ect.)
  7. Wow, thanks ladies! Good to know.
  8. i actually have to do a cosmetic return myself this week. i bought an eyebrow pencil and they gave me the wrong color. didn't realize until i went to use it and it is practically black and i am blond. called and they said they'll change it for me.
  9. and if you paid with CC they can scan it and find the purchase, if you loose the sticker. Nordies is the BEST!
  10. Nordies does have a good return policy but beauty items is the one thing I think NO STORE should take back. Gross, IMO.
  11. A lot of places will simply NOT put the items back on the shelf, regardless of whether it was opened or not. This is for legal reasons because you never know if some crazy person will somehow taint the product. I went to the MAC counter at nordies and told the SA I didn't open the box or use it; I simply decided to stick w/my normal color. Although appreciative, she answered that she can't return ANY beauty item to the shelves.

    I felt bad after that. :tdown: I felt as though it was so wasteful, but I am glad that at least they're thinking about the hygiene of other customers. :yes:
  12. Hmm... I really want my money back mainly because I used the product and it just wasn't any good. But... I hate to think of it just going to waste. Maybe I'll see about swapping it with someone else or something, rather than returning it and having it just thrown in the trash (although honestly the way it performed that's where it belongs) LOL.
  13. My assistant used to work in returns at Nordies and she told me people would attempt to return the most vile things such as used lingerie. They would oftentimes take the return and then just dispose of it, while keeping a record of it, of course. I am sure that is how they handle cosmetics returns as well.
  14. according to federal regulations NO health and beauty products can be returned to the floor for sale.
  15. Can you return items to Nordstroms with no receipts? My sister got me some stuff there and I was wondering if I need to return if I could with no receipts? There are still tags attached.