Nordstrom Return Policy Thread!!

  1. Does anyone know if they keep track of returns? Is there any type of retrun limit? I'm just asking out of curiosity becaues today they asked for my DL.
  2. Most places ask for a license, especially if you do not have a receipt. Did you have your receipt?
  3. I dont think they keep track...I think if you paid cash they ask for your DL.
  4. Yes it had the return sticker and I had my receipt but they didn't ask for it. I asked them if they would still ask for my DL if I wanted store credit and they said no. I wonder why?
  5. Did you ask for cash back?? They only ID if you ask for cash back instead of putting it back on a CC.....
  6. nordy's has the best return policy. i worked there before... we take thing with, without, worn stuff that isn't even ours, lol...

    never a store credit :smile:

    we had a lady that returned used panties... SO GROSS!!!
  7. ^Oh my, that is just :weird:

    I also have a quick question about their return policy. I recently bought some Chanel makeup but I changed my mind when I came home. And I accidentally tossed the receipt. One has the Nordstorm label on it but the other one fell off. Will they still be able to take it back? It'll be sad if these gorgeous products go to waste...

  8. They are able to look up your purchase if you have the credit card you made the purchase on... Just needed to do that the other day.
  9. they'll take it back for sure :smile:

  10. Excellent! After reading the thread on someone's experience with Saks return policy, I was getting a bit worried.

    BTW, cute avatar, loving that hat. :biggrin:
  11. I had bought a pair of Jbrand jeans from Nordstrom's and they ripped! All I wanted was to exchange them for a new pair! Of course I did not have my receipt and I payed cash but these SA's that I talked to were so RUDE! I understand that it probably looked bad to them because I had no proof but are you saying that you usually can return these types of things?
  12. if you paid cash then they have no way to look it up, so i don't think there is a way to even prove it was from Nordstrom.
    they may still take it back though.

  13. Oh ok, well I was just wondering. This happened like a year ago after they denied me I just went directly to J Brand and they sent me another pair.:biggrin:
  14. You are so lucky.
  15. haha yeah I am definitely glad that they had great customer service!!