Nordstrom Rack, new stock or color changes?

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  1. Hello again Ladies!

    Thank you for the past input on the Nordies mod & credit cards.

    I have a question, does anyone know how often the Rack changes it's sales colors (ex: Orange & Grey shoe tags) and when its usually done? Or better yet: when they usually put out new shoes stock?

    I'm not looking to know WHAT colors go up when, just about what time of the month or so I might should go to try and find a pair of shoes in my size at a good price. Its the ONLY store I know that gets shoes in my size that aren't full retail (and aren't off the kid's rack)... And due to sizing variations, I'm not willing to order shoes online.

    I usually wear a size four, and when I go they're usually really picked out... And with it being a 45 minute drive I cant go out as often as I'd like to happen upon the switch/stock by chance. So any heads ups to offer?

    Feel free to share any sales shopping tips for other stores as well. :smile:

    Thanks again Ladies!

    (You know, I don't think I ever remember a time when our NR's colors wasn't orange and grey. :/ )
  2. Yeah I am not sure when or how the shoe tag colors change always seems like a gamble to me. I just bought two pairs this week and the "green" tags were 35% off ..I just happened to have found two pairs of shoes I liked.

    You could always just call the store and have a SA let you know what color is an additional price.

    Also I am on the other end of the spectrum ( I wear size 10) and I know they have the BIG shoe size event and the SMALL shoe size event!
  3. You can sign up on their website for email notification of special events. In my area, they had a Big Brands/Designer event this week. I've seen notices for a large/new shipment of kids shoes; sample shoes (usually size 6), etc.
  4. gymmia- did you go to the shoe/designer event on monday? i went for about 5-10 minutes, and then had to get to work.

    If you went, did you see those 2 girls that stuffed their entire cart with shoes, and other things, literally, the cart was full to the very top. An SA asked them if they were going to buy all the items and one of them said yes, but instead they were grabbing everything in sight to try on at their leisure. The shoes were squooshed on top of each other!

  5. I was there on Monday, probably around noon, so it sounds like I missed those girls. Eep! That's so rude! I didn't find anything in the Designer area but did see some nice Manolos and Choos.

    I was there once when the girls at the checkout were talking about a customer who literally bought 200 pairs of Coach shoes :sad: They were betting he was going to sell them on eBay and return the unsold stuff later.
  6. Not much at Westbury on Saturday, at least in my size - 9. There did seem to be quite a few larger sizes along one wall, but I didn't look at them.

    What I noticed was that there were few higher end shoes, but lots of mid to low end brands. Jessica Simpsons - some of which are cute - abounded. I counted two pairs of Ferragamo flats, 1 pair black Weitzman loafers, a few pairs of Tory Burch heels and a pair of Bruno Magli sandals that were very odd looking when on and had obviously been there a while. None of them had interesting prices, ie: $177 for the Weitzman loafers. I can do better elsewhere.