has Trasporto now

  1. They have tons of Trasporto on now.
  2. Still no Denaros though. :crybaby:

  3. Yeah, WTF why is it all big bags? I mean, it's kinda cool that they have the Avventuras, since they are HTF, but how about some denaro, dolce and ciao love?
  4. I went to Nordstrom in West Pavaillion yesterday and they dont even carry tokidoki anymore. weird!!
  5. The Nordstrom in Irvine has a few of the Trasporto bags. Mostly the larger bags. They still have a few Tutti's and Notte too.
  6. Did you look in their little "boutique" area with the wood panelling? They hide the tokis on one table over there. They had some bags in Trasporto, Giocco, Zucca, Dolce and Campeggio I think.