Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2013

  1. Yes my Nordstrom had stopped selling Coach as well last year but I havent shopped the brick and mortar store in a while. I also noticed for a while last year they stopped selling Coach online for a while but they started back up again now.....
  2. My Nordstrom still carries Coach, but it's now down to a very small selection. They are carrying more designers now, and it seems there's only room to display a few from some designers.
  3. At the one I visited, they had tons of Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch, Cole Haan, etc. I wonder what their reasoning is, given that Coach has such huge market share and is so popular and well-known.
  4. Who knows? Coach may have some selling restrictions that Nordstrom doesn't care for. I know there was a while when Coach wouldn't let Nordstrom ship Coach for free when Nordstrom first started the free shipping. I would agree that Coach should be a good brand for them, but there are so many brands now, maybe something has to give.
  5. My Nordstrom only had a few coaches left on a "last one" rack (still fp though) as well as a few ramblers on their anniversary sale table. It's too bad if they won't carry coach anymore bc I've gotten some great deals from there. Plus their price matching/adjustments & customer service is awesome.
  6. I agree with the others who stated the sale this year was pretty wack. Usually on-line offers a better selection and even that was a disappointment. I've placed 5 orders and have already returned 3 of them due to quality issues. The other 2 I'm still waiting for and wouldn't be surprised if I end up returning those as well.

    I'm seriously considering limiting my shopping to only the beauty department and shoes from now on.
  7. The Coach selection at my Nordstrom has gotten smaller too!! Nordstrom has added some new brands. (I am thinking that it is harder for Coach to vary their selection especially when there are two different Department stores and a Coach store all in the same Mall.) I was kind of disappointed with the Anniversary Sale, I actually didn't buy what I thought I would. I was bad and strayed from Coach!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. Got my other 2 orders today and both were great thank goodness as I really didn't want to make a return for a 3rd time in less than 30 days.
  9. Now that's my kind of Nordstrom! Unfortunately at my local store they don't sell the high end bags with the exception of Burberry. No Saint Laurent, no Lanvin, and no Valentino :sad: it's so sad. If I want to see the good stuff I have to go to Saks (bummer!).
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    I know that this isn't an Anniversary Sale post, but I thought I'd post some news here. There are some new markdowns online including the small Phoebe in Cranberry and the large Phoebe in Vermillion. Both are 33% off--better than PCE but not outlet prices. However, they are available and shipping is free. Other items are available, too. Go to the main Nordstrom page, then sale, then select Brand and click on Coach. You'll get everything Coach that is currently marked down.

    Also, colorblock Saffiano medium totes. Again 33% off.
  11. Thanks for the info!!! My Nordstrom sells Coach but not as great as they used too. I keep forgetting to check online and especially in the sale area. I usually just type in Coach on the main page and scroll down.

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  12. I know I am really late on this, but I was just at the Nordstrom at Northgate Mall and there was quite a few coach bags. Not nearly as much as I am use to seeing but they were abundant. Had a wall to themselves kind of nestled away in the back behind a large display counter. The rack hidden in the back of the mall is a gem, too. Barely anyone ever there when I go! It's been there a couple years, but somehow my hair person who works at Regis IN THE MALL never even knew it was there.

  13. HI~~

    It is nice to have both Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack in the same Mall. I usually hit my Nordstrom Rack to see what they have first before going to Nordstrom. It is sad that Nordstrom has less and less of Coach. I am thinking it is because FP Coach and Macys seem to have more and more sales of Coach plus with Coach Factory Online Sales, Nordstrom isn't selling as much Coach as they used too.
    I was just at Nordstrom Rack and they had like four Coach bags that were made for the Department stores.
    Happy Hunting!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: