Nordies does 2nd cut on some bags...

  1. Just called Nordies and they have done 2nd cut on some Chloe bags. It looks like the Audra(? not sure), Elvire (for sure) maybe others. The important thing is, no more cuts, the rest of the sale bags are off to NR. She doesn't know how long it takes for them to arrive but it won't be too quick (from what I've heard, maybe someone else knows ?).

    So, if you're interested, call now before they ship them off!

    They have some Elvire satchels in yellow(sort of mustard, I actually like it though it won't fit my wardrobe). They also have them in Chocolate Brown and Light Brown(Elephant). They're 2nd cut and only $729.90:wtf:
  2. ^^CORRECTION, sorry. They don't have the Elephant color, it's bois. Described as light brown. Has anyone seen this color?
  3. ^Yes, the bois is actually a warm reddish kind of brown, between whiskey and chocolate, I liked it a lot, and I also liek the Elvire style, but I think it is not so easy worn on the shoulder which is an absolute premise for me. But still out of curiosity, where would that Nordies be? (I am located in Germany, wonder whether I would be able to order?!)[​IMG]
  4. Imon, excuse my ignorance, but what does 2nd cut mean ?

    I've seen the Bois colour IRL and would describe it as a sort of a light nut brown, fawny-beige.I quite like it actually and very nearly succumbed to using my infamous Sacoche store credit to buy a rectangular Bay in that patent colourway (just not 100% sure about that shape of Bay though). That said, in most of the sales here in London that I've seen, the Patent Bois bags seem to be the ones that are still on the shelves collecting dust, so maybe that colour hasn't been a big hitter for Chloe:s.
  5. Sorry Imon, also forgot to ask what 'NR' is? I think I'm experiencing a US/UK confusion moment here:confused1::s:confused1:.

  6. It's Nordstroms RACK. The final discount destination for sale goods that do not sell at a regular Nordstroms store. The prices are reduced even further!!!!!!!!!!:tup:
  7. I called Leah
    Nordstrom Natick Collection (#531)
    290 Speen Street
    Natick, MA 01760
    (508) 318-2600
    If her store doesn't have it, she can look through the whole system and find what they have. You have to give her a style/color to look for. I think you could call any Nordies if you have a Sales Assistant you prefer.
    Thanks for everyone's replies regarding color. Tag - sorry I didn't spell out Nordstrom's Rack. I get lazy and sometimes forget not everyone knows what NR is.
  8. I just called for you and the SA Daniel (whom answered) said he can and will ship outside the U.S. so you girls can call.

    BTW...he has a gold medium quilted bay that was $2100 down to $839.90. Don't tell Tag though, she's on a ban!
  9. If he doesn't have what you want, remember to ask him to look at other stores!
  10. Yes, definitely don't tell me:nogood::nogood::nogood:...I'm on a ban ( thank goodness someone is taking me seriously Imon ;))
  11. It's okay, Tag... I take everybody seriously when they say they're on a ban around here. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. Wait a minute? Now there's a GOLD one? Should I get THAT one and then make up my mind about gold or silver? I know - extremely piggish of me. It is just that with all these deals your mind spins out of control.
  13. OINK!!

    The gold is def edgy. It is not bright gold, rather a sandy kinda gold. Personally though, I like the argent much better.
  14. :dftt::ban::true:
  15. Thanks for the post, good to know there's another cut, however, still haven't picked up my pre-sale black Bay, but that gold sounds dee-lish.
    Divnanata, you're right, the mind does whirl a bit with all these sales. Maybe you should try the gold to see which you prefer, it seems that whenever I do that, (order a couple to see which I want), I want them all!!