Nordies Anniversary Bag

  1. Well, I've been lazy, but I picked this bag up on Sunday. It's for my mom's birthday and I know I told some of you I would post it. So I unwrapped it just for you all to see. I hope you like it and I hope my mom does too. :yes:
  2. elongreach - you are such a great daughter!! She will love it, hon!
  3. I love it! and i have had this question for you for a LONG time:
    Do you happen to go to westlake Highschool? you look like someone i know!
  4. Nice leather bag!!!
  5. What a great gift!
  6. ohh I have been waiting forever for you to post pictures..I love it & I think your mom will too!
  7. Sorry no, I didn't go to a westlake high. Is that in MD or something?
  8. Lol, no, its in LA xP i just think you look like a friend of mine!
  9. Oh well I'm a Maryland girl, but I do have family in Cali.
  10. And buy LA i ment louisiana, of corse :P but im sorry for interupting your thread. ^^;
  11. Which Nordies did you go to? Is it the one in Montgomery Mall or are you located elsewhere?
  12. Nah, Towson.
  13. Not too far. :yes: I'm slowly going to places around BF's area that I've never been before. It's always been the span of Germantown to Frederick or DC.
  14. congrats...
    tha bag is beautiful irl. i was actually gonna buy my mom the ivory/off white color of the same model.
    but i think i will put it off since i will not see her til xmas.
  15. I have the same bag and I really like it, I bought it at the Wrentham outlet last September. I was wondering if the bag you have sort of slouches in the middle, mine always does that. The flap doesn't stay straight, there's always a bend in it. I've always thought that there was a defect in the bag. I hope your mother enjoys the bag.