non-usa ebay member with nevada confirmed address? Should I sell?

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  1. This is the question I got on a bag that is over $900. Has anyone heard this before and should I sell to her or not?

    i am a non-usa ebay member, but i hav a paypal confirmed shipping address in nevada where i send all my ebay purchases. so i would like to find out if you would accept my bid under these circumstances. also, please see my feedback if you have any reservations. I would also like to know if the BIN price for this is negotiable.

    I list that I don't sell or ship to outside of US. I checked the items that the buyer has bought most recently and nothing is over $20 and yet now the buyer wants to buy a $900 handbag?
  2. Could be fishy. I would call PP and check with them how and if you will be covered.
  3. Thanks good idea, mmmsc, I will do that before responding. ;)
  4. Dearest Umimaddicted:

    I have heard that some international buyers do this. I have a friend in Indonesia that will often have purchases shipped to family in the US. As customs is 98% of the invoice (in Indonesia anyway) you may contact Paypal and ask about their regulations on shipping to the address on the Paypal payment. Please be sure to check with Paypal and/or Ebay to see if you are protected. It would be ghastly to have someone make up this and get away with you handbag, but it also would be squandering a genuine sale if it is justifiable. Ebay and Paypal have good help lines for you to contact. I hope good fortune to you! I know selling can be fabulous but risky, as there are unscrupulous people out there.

    My Best,
    Paris Danes
  5. Dont do it........
  6. I had a customer who was from South America who has a friend in US that she sends her purses to and when they come to visit, they bring the purses with them. The % they charge for customs is really ridiculous, that I feel sorry for anyone that is limited on getting items. Anyways, I did ship it to her friend and just put full insurance on it and tracked it and followed it the whole journey via online. Everything went fine. If the person has good feedback and has a confirmed Paypal USA address, then I am sure you will be fine!
  7. I have heard that there are brokers that will act as the person to receive items in the US for people and this works fine.
  8. Definitely call PP about need to be safe not sorry. They very well may have red flags and say do not ship at all. Better to find out before you send, even if you have to be on the phone with PP forever. Insist on talking to someone who can satisfy your concerns - ask for supervisor if the agent is not helpful.
  9. As long as you ship the item to Paypal address, you should be fine. I just sold one item to Canadian buyer. Her Ebay ID shows her location in US, but her Paypal address is in Canada. Therefore, I shipped her purchase to Canada. The transaction went smoothly and she just left me a satisfied feedback! :biggrin:
  10. Some international buyers use shipment forwarding services so that they can buy things in the USA. Companies send the packages to the shipping service which then forwards the package to the buyer. It's just like selling to a US buyer. I'd check out her feedback and go from there. Has she purchased other expensive items?