Non paying bidder.... maybe?

  1. I sold a set of collectible toys.. the auction ended on Sunday. It was specified in my auction that payment was due within 3 days. I have sent an invoice so far and an additional message yesterday, asking for a response back. I am VERY nervous because the bidder has private feedback- why, I have NO idea. This person bid last minute and shot the price of my auction way up. There were several other people competing for my items.

    Now I don't know what to do. Is there a way for me to contact this person besides sending them messages? Should I just offer the next highest bidder a 2nd chance offer? I don't understand why they have that private feedback- it says positive 4 but I can't read them.

    What would you do? I'm really upset- this was a high ticket item I sold. :/ I already set up something to stop bidders with bad feedback from bidding.. is there a way to prevent bidders with hidden feedback in the future?
  2. Well, regardless of when you say payment is due, eBay allows the bidder to pay within 7 days. It is only after that 7 day period that you can file a non paying bidder alert. The only thing you can do is wait it out and see if they pay.

    I would advise against selling it to the 2nd bidder until the time has passed because if the first bidder pays it will put you in a difficult situation.

    You can't block bidders with hidden feedback. The best thing I would suggest in the future is to closely monitor your auctions and cancel the bids of anyone who looks suspicious.

    Sorry this happened to you, hope it works out.
  3. Thank you. I did closely monitor this auction. This person bid in the last minute of the auction and there wasn't very much I could do. I will wait the week and keep trying to make contact.