Non Paying Bidder Boosting His Own Auction!

  1. I sold a collectible on eBay to a bidder who had four private feedbacks. This account was a dummy account (he has at least 3 accounts.. possibly under friend's names)- he had the SAME exact item as me and wanted to boost up how much mine sold for to raise market price! Then he refused to pay for my item.. his item is currently up for bid!

    I'm not even sure what to do. I was able to sell it to another person w/second chance offer.. but yeah. I want to leave the dummy account a negative, but I am worried about retaliation feedback. I also want to stop his auction for the same item since he's doing this kind of crap on a regular basis.

    What do I do? He has a ton of accounts!! I want to let eBay know what's up so they can take his account away so this doesn't happen again. I was able to find out tons of info on this guy through googling his various user names- he even brags about scamming people on his xanga.. I am SO frustrated
  2. You can report him to eBay for shill bidding. If ebay finds that he shill bids he will be suspended. The suspension can range from 14 days (or something like that) to indefinite. You'll probably only be able to report the items he has for sale currently, since his feedback is private.
  3. He also won one of his own auctions and left himself feedback.. which I believe is feedback manipulation. I really hope ebay can catch him!
  4. Actually THAT is called shill bidding and it's like the worst of the worst things an eBay seller can do. That will get most sellers suspended indefinitely.

    One note though: eBayers are welcome to have as many eBay accounts as they want, as long as those accounts do NOT interact (bid/buy/sell) with each other. So there is nothing to report in terms of his many eBay accounts. His potential shill bidding is the real issue here.
  5. I looked on ebay's policies.. he is guilty of shill bidding AND feedback manipulation (which is posting a positive feedback to yourself.. from yourself).
  6. Definitely report him! Do you have any proof that he is bidding on his own items other than his Xanga?
  7. The guy sounds like a real winner! NOT! Definitely report him to Ebay!
  8. He has been suspected on forums/other message boards.. that's how I came across so much information. The feedback of the one FAKE user is private.. my guess is because he left himself feedback.. his other profile with 250+ feedbacks has the fake user leaving his positive feedback. Both users are located in Brooklyn.. I'm guessing he bids on his own auctions a lot. He makes it so you can't see who else is bidding to hide it. I am guessing ebay will be able to see all of this.. I'm hoping they have IP addresses logged or he used the same name or something.

    I am going to file a non payment dispute on ebay tomorrow.. to get my $ back for the listing and fees. Still, he cost me quite a bit of money because the 2nd highest bidder no longer wanted the item (for 5 dollars less than his fake bid!).. and the 3rd highest bid was much lower :sad: Both users had a lot of good feedback/seemed legit :/