Nomade....yay or nay?

  1. My friend just recently got a Nomade speedy 30. I am not liking it at all. And for the price? Nay for me:tdown:
  2. i saw it today. sorry, nay.
  3. I'm a nay too I saw some in Paris the scratches on them where terrible if they can get that badly scratched in store IRL you'd have to be super careful with them
  4. Nay for me..
  5. The scratching would probably make it a nay for me as well. Beautiful! I'd just need to hire someone to carefully carry it around for me.
  6. Thumbs down.
  7. the one i saw was perfect but if the scratches are that noticeable and such an issue, for that price, not worth it.
  8. It's ok. I think it's a nice leather, but I didn't know about the scratches. SOunds like a lot of hassle. Personally I like it, but would never get anything in nomade as they other alternatives are far more tempting.:yes:
  9. Pics?! Anyone have any!!? :o

    Personally, I love Nomade but was sad to hear it scratches :sad: I can't imagine REALLLY liking this... is it a 30?
  10. I really didnt want to offend my friend when she was asking everyone what we thought about her nomade. I think the price made her feel it was extra special:confused1:. I just couldnt make a comment on the bag. Just gave her a smile and said "pretty expensive bag!" It just looks sooooooo plain!

  11. Well you can't like everything can you - everyone has different tastes :smile: As long as she's happy! :biggrin:
  12. ^^^ that's my first impression too. too plain.
  13. Yup! ITA! She felt bad when no one seemed to make any comment. Now I feel bad :confused1:
  14. ^ Nah I don't blame you. It's hard to show enthusiasm for something you're not enthusiastic about! lol
  15. I don't like it either! NAY!