Nomade or Epi Pochette Wallet?

  1. Nomade Pochette Porte Monnaie ...



    Epi Leather Pochette Wallet with Ten Card Slots?


  2. I've always liked nomade, BUT it will scratch quite visibly..

    I'd get the epi pochette wallet, it is practically indestructible ! My manager has one and it's going strong after a looong time !
  3. epi in cassis!
  4. Epi... Nomade is very pretty but as ayla said very prone to scratching! :yes:
  5. Nomade is absolutely gorgeous --- the only problem of all its gorgeousness (lol) is that it is so prone to scratching. This is best to be admired from afar unless you are okay with getting scratches on it. The epi wallets are really more practical and long-lasting, while keeping its beauty. BUT ---- I hear ya about the Nomade wallet ---- so tempting!!
  6. nomade scratch very easily and even my SA said thta..EPI is better..:tup:
  7. thanks for the opinion!
    much appreciated ;)
  8. I like the Epi better.
  9. Depends what bags you have already to use it with
  10. I say Epi! In one of those droolworthy colors like Grenade or Cassis :drool:
  11. Nomade!
  12. I'd go for the EPI .... :tup:
  13. I prefer the Epi ... since the scratches on the Nomade would drive me nuts!
  14. I love the Nomade, but I won't be able to handle the scratches on it. So I'd rather go with the Epi.
  15. I've used an Epi wallet, my first LV purchase, for several years. It still looks brand new! My vote is obviously for an Epi.