Nomade line

  1. Hi,

    I am willz from NZ. I am 21 yo and a nomade line fans from the first time i purchased my wallet. I have been using it for almost a year now and really love it for the characteristic of the leather itself. So i am taking the next step now...

    I went to LV today and planning to take the special order for nomade line bag. However when I arrive there, one of my SA offer me a really nice bag which is called negeuv pm in nomade line, but she never seen the lining inside. If you guys have ever seen this bag, can you tell me more about it or maybe send sopme pics.

    Other choice is vivienne long model from epi but I have to do it in special order in nomade line. Do you think it's gonna be good?? However if the process easier I might just purchase Lockit vertical in nomade line. I have tried it several times because as first as NZ store getting that bag they called me but the question is wether it is not too feminime for a guy.

    I really appreciate for your advice ladies or guys :biggrin: i better buy somthing that suit me now because i am not kinda Trend collector. I like to keep my stuff away and ages itself. so let me know about your idea about it.

  2. the Neguyev is a very beautiful piece. i've only seen it once and from what i can recall it had a deep red interior lining. i think it is just the right size for a semi-professional briefcase and i like how the bag closes too. have you also considered the the Nomade Keepall? though it might be too big for everyday, it is still such a fine piece. i couldn't personally see myself carrying the Lockit Vertical, it is still very much a handbag. though i believe they would be making a large Nomade Lockit Voyage which might be better.
  3. thanks... i wil considered neguev personally but anyhow they say it is being discontinued... they considered to remake it as special order...

    finger crossed.. it is available... :biggrin:

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    chat later
  4. I have tried on the lockit pm and vetical lockit in nomade and would concur that it is suited as a handbag. The new nomade range has beige interior whereas the previous collection had red interior. I really adore the nomade collection:heart:
  5. I own andrei taiga bout few months but i change my mind to own sumthing that i can carry ( hand holder ) instead of messenger.

    i like reporter utah as well, but it is bein discontinued.

    give me any idea guyz...
  6. I have the Damier Broadway and it has an optional handle as well as the Shoulder strap...

    not sure if Damier is your style, but maybe you can have it SO in Nomade or Taiga?


  7. i like damier.. i have damier keepall... but personally as a bag i need somthing simple...

    i havent asked about the possibility in making that style in nimade but.. i have already asked for custom made for my bag they just waitin for the price request from paris.

    but i like neguev model, unfortunately i havent seen that model in real life :biggrin: