Noisy Ruth shoulder bag?

  1. I just receive MbyMJ Ruth shoulder bag in white color from Bergdorf Goodman today.
    Leather is very soft, and the size is roomy, so overall I am satisfied with it :yes: (And it was just $161 without tax and shipping cost!)

    But after trying this bag on my shoulder, I found the bag is making squeaky sound.... everytime I move the bag a little bit, it is squeaky squeaky squeaky squeaky......

    The noise came from the leather strap which is adjusted with metal ring.. and actually the noise is very loud enough to be noticed.

    Does anyone have this bag? I am wondering I am being sensative about this, and whether this sound will be gone after using the bag for sometime.. It really bothers me... :confused1:

  2. I heard this happened before with other bags. A member once said she put petroleum jelly on the ring and the sound went away. I don't know if I would personally do that, but I bet conditioner could help. Try putting some on the ring.

    A very cute bag, congrats!
  3. Oh no! that would drive me mad! I think that if you moisten it a bit like thithi said it will go away. I had that happen to me before, and honestly I was so lazy that I think it eventually just went away...or it drove me so crazy to the point where I stopped hearing it!