Noe- which one will you buy?

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  1. I'm totally in :heart: with this style at the moment, but I can't decide which finish I want :confused1:

    Which other finishes does it come in besides the monogram? If you choose the monogram, which size will you get?

  2. the noe also comes in damier, epi, and MC. i'm not sure about mini lin.
  3. White MC Petit Noe :nuts: That is the bag I am currently using :heart:
  4. I am buying a mini noe for someone for Christmas this year. :smile:
  5. My favorites for Noe's are MC and Epi leather. I think in monogram canvas the petite size looks the best!
  6. My faves are black MC Noe and the Epi Noe in the discontinued Myrtille color.
  7. I think mono petit noe is really nice looking once it's developed patina. Damier petit noe is fabulous looking as well. I would get a petit noe (not sure how tall you are but I am 5'8" and find that it fits my frame pretty well and is plenty big enough). HTH.
  8. i have the mono petit noe and i LOVE LOVE LOVEEE it! it fits everything (and their mom ;) ) hehe and i dont think i would have gone bigger even if the SA tried to enable me to!!
  9. I just got the mini lin noe a few weeks ago and LOVE IT! I love the understated LV's and it's a softer-structured Noe, too. Very feminine. Just love it!!
  10. I love my petit noe in lilac! I love that it's so easy to maintain!
  11. Noes come in damier azur and epi in addition to the monogram. ;)

    I like the mono petit noe. I have one, and it's my favorite bag out of my entire collection. It's not too huge, but it carries so much! The regular noe is HUGE...unless you like to carry a lot, I think it makes a good travel bag/diaper bag.
  12. Thanks everyone for your replies... I'm definitely leaning towards the Mono Petit Noe at the moment, I have been :drool: on it for a while now!

    I'm 5'7, which size between the Petit and Noe will look better on me? Is there much price difference between the Petit and Noe?
  13. Petit Noe is my fave
  14. Off the top of my head...the Noe is $900 and the petit is $785 (?).

    I think you should pull off both just fine; I think both noes look great on anyone (I have the regular noe, too, and I don't think it looks too big on me...I'm 5'4"). Really, it's just a matter of how much you hold daily.
  15. Mini Lin Noe is my favorite!! :tup: