No Toki at the Virgin Record Store in Chicago

  1. I stopped by there today and was looking for some toki shirts since i heard they had some. All I saw were those black virgin records in chicago shirts, hundreds of them. I asked where the other clothing was and the sa told me they shipped out all their fashion items to their other stores since they were closing! That sucks!! Nothing was left! They already started cleaning closing sections of the store. Nothing left....Im kinda bummed! :tdown:
  2. do you know why they are closing?
  3. The sa didnt say. I didnt even ask, but no one was in the store. Everything was pretty much regular price. The customer service kinda sucked too. I know they open till like 11 pm on weekdays whereas the rest of downtown michigan ave closes at 7 and on weekends, they close at midnight or past (I forgot) I was there at 9:30 and was one of 3 people in the store.
  4. so should I check my virgins to see if they have any "new/old" merchandise... that's kind of sucky :sad: