No price increase in canada.

  1. I was at Louis Vuitton last night and the SA told me that there was not going to be a price increase in canada.
    Is this true?
  2. do they (will they) ship to the US???? I really want a Luco!!!!!! And that $60.00 price increase has got me pissed! Chris
  3. Are you sure ?? I just called a girlfriend of mine... she was concerned about the increase.....and always calculating :

    but these are the figures she gave me .....

    for a speedy 25 and speedy 30 respectively :

    before the increase :

    after the increase :

    Can anyone in Canada confirm this ???? I am not sure now.
  4. ^Those are U.S. prices, so she was probably referring to the price increase in the U.S.
  5. oh yes..
    ok I called her (again !)

    she said the prices in CDN are :

    660 and 685

    so does anyone know for sure if the CDN prices were increased ??
  6. If anyone would know it would be LV_Addict!
  7. That was the old price. So, I guess, the price in Canada wasn't increased. I was at the LV store last week and the SAs told me that prices and when I asked whether the prices are going to be increased soon or not, they said no. Hope that helps. ;)
  8. But the Canadian Dollar has been incredibly strong against the US Dollar ... so I'm not sure Americans would save money....
  9. Well, maybe if they're coming in from NY (8% tax) and they'd be saving tax in Canada ?

    But yes, the CAD is been really good lately, it makes outlet shopping in the US an even better deal ! :biggrin:
  10. why did they even decide to do a price upgrade?
  11. really?!???!?! I'm from Canada (montreal)!!!!! AHHHHH! lol I"m SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!! muhahhahahahahha lol Thanks SOOO much for the info!!!! And WOOHOO for the Canadian dollar! lol
  12. Because we will pay it! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. That's interesting...they didn't do a price increase the first time around this year, either! (I think.)
  14. No price increase? Score!!
  15. What does a Luco sell for in Canada??? Plus shipping to the US?