No one wants to repair my French Co speedy?

  1. I want to replace the handles on my vintage speedy but remember someone saying in a thread that LV won't touch any bags made by the French Co. So, I emailed the French Co. and asked to get a quote on the repair.

    The reply? Apparently, they were bought out by another company January of this year and will no longer be repairing French Co LVs. So that means I'm stuck with these handles.

    I guess the handles aren't horrible and I could live with not replacing them. But I was sooo looking forward to it. :hysteric:

    Just thought I'd share.
  2. OMG, does it mean every vintage speedy cannot be repaired anymore?
  3. Just the ones made by the French Co. I suppose. Unless the assumption that LV won't repair them is incorrect?
  4. I don't remember hearing that LV won't repair French Co. bags?? Why don't you call 866-vuitton and ask them, maybe they can let you know for sure.
  5. It's true. I need a new push lock and contacted French Luggage here in LA on the recommendation of a previous thread. Here is their response:

    Good Afternoon,

    We apologise but we no longer have any of the parts or fabrics for the
    repair of Louis Vuitton products.
    Sorry we could not be of help.

    Best Regards,

    Gian Paolo Lombardo

    Hawthorne Leather Goods l.l.c.
    tel. 310-9707500
    fax 310-9707505

    866-Vuitton said the same thing - no parts. But, if it hasn't been worked on by an outside vendor, they should have handles for it. Also, FrenchCo makes a non-LV speedy. Call and ask if they can put the new handles on the old fabric. Good luck!!