No one has the paddy hobo??

  1. Hi all,
    What do you think of the paddy hobo? Is it as heavy as the regular? does the lock lay nicely? Does it look good on? Thanks!
  2. So I posted a thread for hobo owners for input and no one answered....what do you all think about it? is it just not a popular bag? did some of you think about it but didn't end up buying for some reason?
  3. I have this bag and I think the lock does lay nicely. I wear it on my shoulder and I like it a lot. I think it weighs the same as the hand held paddy. it's nice because if you already have the hand held paddy, then a shoulder paddy is a cool change
  4. When they first came out, I actually liked the hobo over the satchel but could never find one in Chocolate...
  5. Thanks so much for the advice!
  6. Depending on which hobo (n/s or e/w) they actually are a bit heavier than a regular paddy. I had an east/west hobo in chocolate (sorry Annabelle!) and it was about 1/2 pound heavier than the satchel. I had issues with the way the lock layed unless I fussed a bunch, it slipped off my shoulder easily and it was kind of bulky - perhaps the n/s hobo lays easier against the body. Still it was the most GORGEOUS bag I have ever seen - I just decided not to keep it. I really like the looks of the new style hobo too, and maybe the issues have been solved!
  7. Thanks Blugenie--I am so torn. I love the looks of the bag but am concerned about practicallity--weight, bulkyness...