No new multicolor styles coming out?

  1. Didn't see anything in people's lookbook posts :sad:
  2. no.. i think there will be a couple new ones, like the
  3. There are, I covered it in my thread...hang on let look, to refresh my memory.
  4. ^From twinkle.tink :yes:
  5. I like the "Shoulder bag".
  6. Ok, there is one called 'handbag', that is a small/med bowler type bag, with handles and a strap.

    There is a neo audra

    and a shoulder bag, that is kinda squarish....the shoulder bag is also going to be available with a lizard (I just says exotic skin) trim.
    One white trim options are dark pink, dark blue and violet. On Black Lime, Light pink and lillac.
  7. I saw them in the book a couple of days ago and they're pretty different. I kind of like them.

  8. Yah, they were pretty interesting! :smile:
  9. ^^^I like the exotic trim ones...wish it wasn't so small :sad:
  10. Ahhh the exotic trim sounds cool - how small are you talking?
  11. Anybody have pictures???? I'm so close to deciding on a white MC but this post makes me rethink if I should wait. When are the new arrivals expected??
  12. Feb 15, I think?

    I'm in the same boat as you. I REALLY want to get a white MC asap so I can put my heart change purse on it... but... maybe I should see what's coming first.
  13. I can't wait to see.
  14. As other posters have stated, there's an exotic small 'bowling' bag coming out.

    It's $5600 and my SA told me the trim is alligator. I think the trim comes in a variety of colors - one of them is pink. It's very... colorful combination.