No money for professional yearbook photos so I decided to take my own :)

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  1. #1 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
    Who wants to see? I'm not a hs senior but my school asks for these professional photos kind of like the ones you take for senior portraits for their yearbook/freshman publications...and I don't want to spend $ on those studio shots so I decided to take my own. :biggrin: I'm no professional photographer by any means and all I have is one of those thin canon powershot cameras (SO no dslr). I think I'm going to take some every few days and pick the best one in the end.

    Please give me some constructive criticism as it's hard to critique your own work after looking at it for so long! Thank youuu.

    This is from today & yesterday - the weather was kind of droll.




    haha I know the second one makes me look like I'm in pain or something..I liked it until someone told me that. haha.

    So whaddya think?
  2. I like the last one the most. It shows your face better and you have a very pretty smile!
  3. The last one is my favorite because I can see your face clearly. I'd like the first one a lot more if your hair weren't covering your face. The colors in the first one are very nice though.
  4. I like the first one best because its looks fashionable and edgy even though your hair is covering part of your face. It makes it look mysterious in a way. I guess it depends on what professinal context they are being used for by your school. If it is more creative and fun, like an artsy school I say #1 but if it is more conservative school I say #3.

    You did a good job, they are all beautiful.
  5. I like the last one :smile:
  6. last one! :biggrin:
  7. the first one of course! :smile:
  8. I like the last one the best. The first one is very pretty, but you can't see your whole face.
  9. The first one is very beautiful but too artsy not appropriate for year book, I think the third one where you smile is best for a year book. Good Idea BTW, taking your own pics.
  10. #10 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    Good idea to take your own photos.
    My DS was just asked by someone to take his graduation photos. Great experience for DS who just got a new Sony camera plus lenses; and cheaper for his friend.
    (Ninety percent of the pictures I post on tPF are by DS)
  11. i love the first one. i think you look so beautiful there. the second one is nice, too, but the first one is definitely my favorite.

    good job!
  12. Definitely the last one. The other two are artistic but I don't think make sense for a senior picture.
  13. The third one is the most appropriate. The first one with a smile would be nice. But I think you should do them both again. In the first it's obvious you have your arm out to take the picture, and the third almost looks like you aren't wearing anything.
  14. Smiling is always more attractive.
  15. Nice pictures! I like the last one the best.
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