No luck today with the cles(s)......

  1. So my SA called to check with me about the Dentelle cles and ludlow I'd waitlisted for (I was actually just about to call her to drop my name from the ludlow) and said:

    There will be NO Dentelle cles- they got confirmation today that it won't be produced. So it looks like I won't be getting anything from the dentelle line :crybaby:

    Then I asked her if there were any mandarin or indigo vernis cles left- she checked, and there's none left in Hawaii :crybaby: But she checked the mainland and- same result :crybaby: But on a more positive note she reminded me about the amarante line coming out in June and put me on the waitlist for the cles. She says it'll look even better than the indigo so I'll just have to wait and see...
  2. Oh no... no Dentelle Cles...I waitlisted for that as well...
  3. ^^ Did anyone else waitlist for one?
  4. I waitlisted for the cles too haven't heard anything yet but in the lookbook there was no model number for it so maybe this was always a possibility
  5. ^Plus I've never seen a picture of it, although I had a look at the (early) lookbook twice!

    Now, I don't know if I should be happy, because I will save some money, or sad, because this season there's very little LV that I'd like to buy.
  6. i waitlisted for the cles also... guess ill just get the azur cles
  7. I am sorry for that waitlisted it, I know how dissappointing hat can be.
  8. Sorry that you are having such luck !!! You'll find something else !
  9. oh no! that was my favorite dentelle piece!
  10. Sorry to hear about your bad luck....
  11. I'm so bummed that there's no Dentelle cles :crybaby:
  12. bummer!
  13. i didn't even notice the cles!
    that is a good thing, now i am not heartbroken over it and am still into the pochette!
  14. darn... I was hoping for a dentelle cles too. I will have to get the amarante.
  15. I was debating about getting one and that saves me money now. Sorry for those who were waitlisting for it :sad: