No idea where to turn next - Macy's Help

  1. So heres the story. I was in New York in April where I bought a ring that needed sized. They told me it could be sized anywhere. Brought it back to UK and jewellers can't size it as diamonds are chanel set. Returned it back to Macy's who said they will re-order and send again in right size. It's been 5 months nothing. No one there is returning my calls and i am stuck here in UK with no ring and money already paid for! Any suggestions?
  2. oh Honey, that sucks :sad:

    I imagine you have already called them, but have you tried the customer services available through email ?
    Macy*s - Customer Service - Contact Us

    Lots of our lovely members live in NY, they might actually have a name of a person you could contact direct who can help you. I though Macys prided themselves on their customer service. I really hope somebody here can put you through to somebody who can help :yes:
  3. Aw thanks Chloe Babe - Yip contacted them no luck - been round all the houses. I was on the phone to them last week for an hour and a half only to call the same woman back today and she said sorry who are you again???? It was a lot of money as well so reluctant to let it lie
  4. Call the store that you sent the ring to, ask to speak with a manager. Explain that you are in the UK and that this is costing you EXTRA to call them for their neglect...

    Did you use a credit card to purchase the item? I would dispute the charges also. Don't just let it go...
  5. While you're sorting this out, keep track of every phone call you make and every response (or lack there of) that you get and the names of everyone you talk to. its good to have thsi record to show a higher up if you end up needing to do that.

    Hope you get your ring back soon!
  6. 5 months? Wow.

    dispute the charges. :sad:
  7. Ditto...dispute the charges. That's why I LOVE Amex.
  8. Thanks everyone. I will try with my credit card today and see what they can do for me. I'm gutted! I'm currently trying to find someone higher up so that I can send a letter to them as well with all the calls etc. It's very draining! Thanks for all your helpful ideas.
  9. Thats appalling and ridiculous.

    You need to speak to someone in charge and get this sorted or alternatively try and get your money back. I can't believe the level of customer service:rant:
  10. If you want, PM me all the info.., and I can goto Macy's and cuss them out for you (in a very very professional way of course) and get some answers.... :noggin: I think it's better when you're face to face. I can't believe they are doing this to you.. I hate, absolutely despise bad customer service, especially common sense ones!

    Macy's is on the way to BF's job, so let me know if i can help :flowers:
  11. D&G that is so kind of you - I have just PM'd you. THanks for any help you can give
  12. he he, D&G is gonna kick some ass :biggrin:
  13. I'm going to argue that once your returned the ring, they should've given you a refund immediately and then charged it when they received it two months later or whenever they got it.. :rant: And that i want to know the status now.. LOL
  14. you go girl ;)
  15. I am keeping everything crossed for you D&G..