No free shipping on PCE phone orders?

  1. I've always ordered through my SAs rather than online because you get free shipping through the store. I just placed a phone order b/c I'm stuck late at work and can't make it to the store in time, and the SA charged me $8.50 shipping! What's worse is that she didn't tell me until *after* she'd billed my credit card (if I'd know, I would have just had a friend go by the store for me!).

  2. I've always gotten charged for phone orders, and I've ordered from two stores. I hate how I always get charged because my items are never actually in the store. They have to order them for me.

    By the way, what store did you order from? I've ordered from KOP and Newark, DE.
  3. Hmm that's odd I've never ever been charged on a phone order for anything but the item and tax with and without pce, I ordered 2 different times during this pce keyfobs and once an agenda and didn't get charged shipping.... Maybe its at the stores discretion? :sad: sorry
  4. At least your store let you PCE over the phone. I wanted several 2006 Legacy bags (that would have to be ordered through JAX anyway) and accessories and I was told I had to come in the store to order....I ended up with a huge phone order straight to JAX and no pce.
    I know that doesn't help you, but I'd gladly pay the $8.50 for the convenience. Sorry they weren't upfront with you!
  5. Weird... I called in my Choco Carly... and when the SA mentioned the shipping charge I said, "I've never been charged for shipping before... is there a reason for it now?"

    And she said, "Oh no... sorry...I'll gladly wave that for you." And she did.

    I have ordered with PCE and w/ no PCE... and always had shipping waved.

  6. This weekend I was almost charged for shipping for the first time, ever! I mentioned that I'd never paid for shipping before and the SA (who was wonderful, otherwise) said that she could waive it. Also used the PCE discount.
  7. they don't charge shipping for me? I do phone orders all the time!
  8. Ughhh, I really should have said something!!! I know for next time now.
  9. They should have told you beforehand! I'm sorry! Like above posters said, ask for it next time! Maybe you could call and say that you have had friends get free shipping through Coach and that you were suprised that you were charged, and then say, "I didn't even know that I was charged until I was billed." Or something like that.
  10. Do you think they would do a price adjustment for that? The girl never specifically said "8.50 is your shipping charge," she just tacked it onto the price. I'm curious if anybody has called back and had shipping taken off before. Maybe a current SA on here could shed some light on this issue?
  11. That's essentially what I did yesterday, to no avail. When I asked for the total, and she quoted me more than I expected, I asked for a breakdown, which is when she divulged that she'd charged me shipping. The convo went like this:
    ME: "I've never been charged shipping on a phone order before."
    SA: "Well, we charge shipping."
    ME: "But you don't charge shipping if I order in the store?"
    SA:"That's correct."
    ME: "Ok, then I'll just come by tomorrow with the order."
    SA: "I'm sorry, I've already charged your credit card."
    ME: "So there's no way you can waive the shipping, even though you didn't tell me that you were adding it to my total."
    SA: "No."

  12. It was the Walnut St. store. Usually they're so great, which is why I was surprised that the SA a) charged me shipping, and b) didn't tell me about it until after she'd charged my credit card.

  13. :cursing::mad::censor:

    Talk to the manager!!!
  14. Yes I agree, call back and speak to a manager!!
  15. I would be a little peeved myself. I definitally would go back and talk to the manager.