No Carly :(

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  1. So, today I went to Dillard's, I had just recieved a HUGE giftcard to there, I was going to pick up my long awaited large black leather Carly...AND THEY WERE SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby: They called around to all the Dillard's in Arkansas and none of them had one! I am sooo upset, I mean I literally lost sleep last night because I was so excited about picking up this purse today, I never in my wildest dreams imagined they would be sold out already, especially in po-dunk Arkansas!! Anyhow, the lady at the counter said that she would have one sent to me from some other Dillard's in the country, now I just have to play the waiting game.:sad: What if there is no other large black leather Carly's at Dillard's anywhere else in the country?!?!?! I will die, my life will not be complete, I will go into the depths of depression forever(maybe not forever, just until something else comes out that I like) Anyways, I need reassurance...please pray for me, and tell me that they will send me my beloved Carly!!!:crybaby: My hubby said I was crazy for getting upset over "some stupid purse", he just doesn't understand, and how dare he refer to it as "some stupid purse"...what a dumbass!:cursing:
  2. That stinks!!!!! :sad: I know your pain I have a big old Macys GC and they have nothing good!
  3. don't worry...theres for sure a large carly in black leather at a dillards....i saw one today :smile:
  4. There are some at Dillards in Tucson
  5. Holly,

    I also live in AR. Have you tried the Coach store in Rogers?
  6. I feel a better already. you all are so sweet.:flowers:
  7. holly di, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    I know what you're going through!

    Keep us posted!
  8. No, I am sure they have it, but I don't have a gift card to there.

    It is nice to meet someone else on here form the great state of Arkansas!!ha ha!!
  9. Maybe! you can get a bag of equal value or something to use up all of your giftcard.

    and then take that bag, to a coach store, to exchange!

    i know some stores insist on a reciept, no matter what, but you can always say it was a gift that didn't have one...which is true when you think about it. it's just in the form of a card you exchanged...etc.

    I would hurry if I were you because my store is down to one in the black and it's on window display. You can double check and if not i'm sure they'd be happy to order you one. Through the store is best b/c you save on shipping plus they do it from JAX and if that doesn't work they search all Coach stores and whichever one has a good amount they ask that store to send you one!

    g'luck with your search :smile:
  10. Good luck in getting the black Carly bag you want. I know how it feels to really want something that day (dreaming about it) then not being able to get it.