No Balenciaga at Barney's San Francisco

  1. i was at the preview night last night, and they aren't carrying balenciaga bags...:sad:
    only shoes and clothing...

    i'm seriously bummed...
    since susan isn't carrying bbags anymore, we only have one retailer in the city...
  2. Most likely because NM has them in SF

  3. Only Sacramento Not San Fran
  4. that doesn't really mean anything...
    there are alot of designers that NM has that Barneys does too...
    it just seems strange that they carrying everything else, just not the bags...

    san francisco is too big of a city for there to be just one bbag retailer...
  5. I'm pretty sure that with regards to the major department stores, only one chain per city can carry them. Bal seems to try to maintain some exclusivity that way, and also with the fact that you can get almost every other brand of handbag at NM or Saks online, but not Bal.
  6. Well that sucks! I know what you mean. All the major dept stores here all have a lot of overlap in merchandise.. don't see why b-bags should be exempt from that!

    So what was their handbag selection like??

    I want to go there so badly and check everything out. I'm one subway stop over from there but this week is so busy for me and I'm going on vacation Friday so I won't be able to go there until I get back.
  7. yea, i understand that spay and neuter...
    at least we had susan before...

    they have the following bag designers:
    marc jacobs
    miu miu
    derek lam
    dries van noten
    jil sander

    on the co-op floor, they have phillip lim, marc by marc, bing bang and some others...

    i was actually surprised by how much marc and prada they had, considering that both have stores in sf and they have an equally large presence at neiman's and saks (and marc is also sold at bloomingdale's and nordstrom)...
  8. I hate that they won't be carrying Balenciaga Moto style bags! I was really looking forward to finally having a Barney's here...and now this. We really do need more places to purchase Bbags since Susan SF/Burlingame will not be selling Bbags anymore and NM has such a unvaried selection and doesn't accept all major CCs! Is anyone else sharing my pain?
  9. Hold on -- since when did Susan stop carrying B-bags? Both Burlingame AND San Francisco locations???
  10. Susan's stopped carrying them starting with the F/W '07 collection. They still have some leftovers from the S/S '07 collection. And yes, both locations.
  11. hey you guys! i called the SF Barneys on Wednesday when they opened and talked to one of the SAs, she said they'll be having them in the stores some time in the next few months......i hope she's right!!
  12. i just called again to make sure, the lady said around December they should have the Bbags there already. let's all cross our fingers!! :noworry:
  13. LOL, I'm so sorry Kim! I should have done a search, but I was just too upset about it! Good thing one of the mods combined my thread with yours!

    It seems that there's conflicting information. One of the people standing by the front door on opening day told me that they would NOT be carrying Balenciaga. I was extremely disappointed. :sad: