NM San Antonio Stock Update

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  3. Sorry everyone, tech problems. There are a ton of new handbags at NM San Antonio. Here are some pics...
    IMG_1516 copy.jpg IMG_1517 copy.jpg IMG_1518 copy.jpg IMG_1519 copy.jpg IMG_1520 copy.jpg
  4. and some more...
    IMG_1521 copy.jpg IMG_1522 copy.jpg IMG_1523 copy.jpg IMG_1525 copy.jpg
  5. What do ya'll think????
  6. I adore the studded train bag, but not that price tag. :push: :push: :push:
  7. TRUNK BAG is killer...LOL.....along with its astronomical price tag...hehe
  8. ^^^Did you get yours yet, Jill?

  9. Eeek, drooling over the first pic..the antic looking bowler in brown..what's the damage and does it comes with a shoulder strap?? :drool:
  10. At that bowler :} :heart:
  11. This one on Styledrops is showing a strap. Assuming it's the same style number. You can probably drop the price down to around $1500-1800 since Styledrops LOVES to mark up their bags. :tdown:


    Steph: Is the style number BL041 on the one you are holding?
  12. There is a long strap, and the style number is BL0417 $2095. Take a look at the 100th Anniversary thread....
  13. Oh, big DUH here! I didn't type the 7 on the style number. I was so preoccupied about making sure the zero wasn't mistaken for a capital O that I didn't notice the 7 missing. :shame:

    So the NM price is the same as Styledrops' price? Now THERE'S a first!! :wtf:

  14. Thanks PP!