NM San Antonio Stock Update 8/22/07

  1. NM San Antonio recieved some exciting pieces this morning!!!!!
    *Le Marais Lg Tote in light gold $2995 (great for travel)
    *Modern Chain sm Flap in brown shiny caviar $1695
    *Modern Chain Lg Trapeze Tote in black shiny caviar $2750
    *Le Marais Lg Classic in black $1795
    *GST in beige w/ gold hardware
    If anyone wants pics of something just let me know
  2. Just wanted to say hello to a fellow San Antonian!
  3. Well hello!!!!!
  4. Would love to see the GST in Beige. TIA
  5. Can we see the Le Marais classic in black and the mc flap? Thanks!
  6. Sorry the beige tote sold today, but here are pics of the others
    IMG_1513 copy.jpg IMG_1514 copy.jpg IMG_1515 copy.jpg
  7. xoStephxo,

    Do u have any jumbo flap with MM lock and new chain (bijou chain) in black / dark grey / dark brown?

  8. chanelfans,, i pmed you i do!!!!
  9. Sorry to hijack your thread, but for any UK gals the le marais flaps and large gold Le marais duffel tote and medium sized tote bags in black and brown, plus the large le marais flaps in black and brown (price £1300) are also available at Chanel bond street and Selfridges
  10. Thanks a lot! Please check PM... :tup::tup: