NM online 1 day sale???

  1. Did any of you make sense of that Neiman's sale only good today on designer and couture thingies - 30% off? It said that certain items in the Chloe collection were part of the deal but then nothing really appeared to be discounted. Yesterday - in anticipation - I stopped in quickly at my local store and saw a table for the same purses basically that Mona had in her Troy NM pics. There were lots of quilted Bays in black and moka and there was that yellow Elvire. I think I saw a clutch and no paddies were involved - especially the capsules. This sale was not the same as the last call sale also going on. Sooo confusing.
  2. When I called, I was told the online "store" and the physical stores were two different "businesses". I questioned why some things were on sale online or not vs. reg. store. I'm not sure I'm making sense or if that's what you are asking. The in store sales are better and so is the stock (of course, depending on the store).
  3. Yeah it's quite confusing but only those listed with "Private event" are for sale (at least those online) which frankly isn't much and for those which are, the prices are sky high (eg. $1700 or so, at least for bags anyway). Anyway for those tpfs located overseas, dont get your hopes up too much - some of the products are not available for shipping overseas, even if you are to pay for international shipping! :sad: I was placing orders for ferragamo shoes, some sports shirts for my man etc and they told me that all the items I wanted are not allowed to be shipped outside US.
  4. imon - thanks so much for going through this trouble. This is exactly what I was questioning. These bags were pretty much what my local Neiman's (Frontenac Missouri) had as well with maybe a few more color options. Even with 30% off the prices were way above what Sacoche offered.
  5. Divnanata, no problem!

    Does Sacoche email if they discount further or more items? They did have some great deals.
  6. Yeah they usually send an e-mail if there are further discounts at sacoche.
    The online sale for Neimans is the same selection as the store with less variety in colour.
  7. HI
    Do you know how I could suscribe to Sacoches email list? Thans!:flowers:
  8. No clue, but I always post as soon as I get their e-mail!
  9. Yes!:yes: I emailed them once to find out what their inventory was and they have kept me on their email list since. So every time they send an email I get copied. Why don't you email them (easybuychloe@hotmail.com) and ask to be put on their list.