NM marcus @ tysons galleria

  1. does anyone know if they have MARC by marc jacobs bags at the Neiman Marcus at the Tysons Galleria?? if they do, where???? i don't think i've ever seen them in the handbag section.

    and if they don't have them at the NM, is there anywhere else in the tyson's shopping centers that carries M by MJ bags? i really want to see the fall stuff IRL. thanks ;)

    edit- oops. why did i put "NM Marcus" in my title. d'oh.
  2. I think Nordstroms in the regular tysons might but i'd call them!
  3. I've never seen Marc by Marc Jacobs bags at Neiman Marcus at Tyson's Galleria. The new NM pilot store, called Cusp, in the new expansion wing of Tyson's Corner, carries Marc by Marc Jacobs. I got the new Little Miss Marc Veruka bag in red there. They may end up carrying more since they have been around for about a week and a half now.
  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs isn't at NM, but it is at the new store which I have yet to set foot in.

    Suli are you going to take a pic of the new bag?
  5. I was just there two days ago and don't remember seeing any there.
  6. I think Saks in Chevy Chase carries Marc by Marc Jacobs
  7. ^^^I was just there and didn't see any.
  8. Maybe I got the last one?

    Since they are pretty new, I would give them some time to catch up.

    Will try to post pics of my Veruka tonight.