NM Last Call at Franklin Mills

  1. I dropped by the LC at Franklin Mills tonight and they had some cute bags (unfortunately not ones I am looking for :crybaby: )

    They had a Selma in Passion Fruit for $659, 3 Multipockets in Rose Quartz, Thistle (I kinda like this color) and Emerald for $610 each, a Mini Satchel in Stark White for $450 and a Pouchette in Rose Quartz for $525 I think.

    Off the 5th has a bunch of Selmas in Passion Fruit and I think the color is Thistle as well although the tag says Mint Green. They also have a bag I've seen there for the last 2-3 months called Adina. I've only ever seen that in the Off the 5th store though.:shrugs:
  2. ^ Thanks for sharing. =)
  3. Thanks for the info! Do you recall if the emerald MP was the large or small size?
  4. It was the small size. All 3 Multipockets were the small ones.
  5. Wow, you'd think FM would have a better selection! I haven't been there in ages but it use to be great!
  6. Thanks for sharing! It's fun to hear about what else is floating around out there!
  7. Surprisingly enough a couple of days before Christmas they had a some other bags and a couple of quilted bags if I remember correctly. I think those got bought up fast. I have a 30% off coupon, but I am holding out until they get something really good in.