NM Exclusive Prada Spazzalato & Croc Clutch

  1. I saw these IRL over the weekend, they are lovely esp the croc one :love:. If I get my hands on one (BIG if lol) the first thing I'd do is take the little NM/Prada exclusive tag off. Little too much advertising for my taste.
  2. yeah I agree with you missgc ..tag is too much..can be used for sth else I think:smile:
  3. Justified - Good idea, maybe use it as a keychain? Puahaha. The more I look at the bags the more I want one. Sigh. I think the nude and black ones are $995? I kinda thought it would be more since it's NM exclusive, but whatevers.
  4. not a bad price since it is an exclusive item
    of course croc is for $8990,expensive
  5. I like the nude one...too cute!
  6. I like the edges -- wasn't there a wallet somewhere with those edges, or am I thinking of the NM look book?
  7. the picture makes the clutch look really tiny, like a card holder. anyone knows the actual measurements?
  8. Simple -- very nice!
  9. Wow i love them.
  10. today I went to NM at Bethesda,MD and saw the clutches...it is approx. 13inches length and there was black leather one which was perfect..also on the extra piece,tag, has the number of the bag since it is limited:smile:
  11. the nude cluth also comes in grey, NM San Antonio has the grey, nude and pink croc