NM 100th Anniversary Exclusive has arrived!!!!

  1. The limited edition stam bag arrived today at NM San Antonio. The color is amazing and overall the bag is to die for!!!!
  2. Is this the exclusive stam bag???:girlsigh: I can't wait to see it!
  3. Me too!!:nuts:
  4. Oh, I'm excited for it, too! What color is it exactly and does anybody have pictures?
  5. I was in NM SH mall yesterday looking at the bags. I wonder if it was there. The had the east west , the berry color, the emerald color, of course black and a dark plum color. I think they had a beige color too. The emerald is very pretty. The new season bags had a shiny looking leather. All great colors.
  6. Its a grey color, I'll take some pics today. And yes it is a stam!!!!!!!
  7. Can't WAIT to see! :yahoo:
  8. Me neither!!
  9. How exciting!! I can't wait to see it!
  10. I so want to see the pics. I love the stam and purple is my favorite color.
  11. Pics, Pics, Pics!!!!!
  12. yea, i'm dying to see pics of this...
    i went to neiman's in sf yesterday, and didn't see it...
  13. i saw the limited edition stam today at neiman's and it's gorgeous...
    a great shade of grey...
    congrats on your bag!!
  14. Anyone have pics to post???
  15. I saw it last night IRL (and in the Book). It's really pretty - a grey leather with silver leather trim. Sorry that I didn't take a "spy" pic...