Nintendo DS Lite

  1. Well, I just got my Nintendo DS Lite yesterday! I was hoping that someone could tell me where I could find a little case, one that would hold a few games and would fit in my purse? I want it to be protected (I am hard on my purses. I got one with my starter kit, but it is too bulky. Also, can anyone suggest some good games>

    I have
    animal Crossing
    Brian Age
    Zoo Tycoon
    Roller Coaster Tycoon

    Any more suggestions>
  2. I know when I got my sister hers it came with a pink case is that the one you're reffering to??? I never bothered to get her another she seemed content. She loves Yoshi's Island, and I will admit I do play it from time to time myself.
  3. At my local German-version of Best Buy store, they have cased especially for Nintendo DS that has a little game holder with it. Did you try looking at Best Buy?

    Also look on Amazon!
  4. I have no idea about a case, but I suggest the two games I currently have: Super Mario 64 DS and Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Also, a new Zelda game and Myst will be coming out in the fall...
  5. When my DH gave me mine, he also bought a starter kit from Fry's, which included the case, additional stylus, adaptor for the car, screen protection sheets and little cases for the game cartridges. I love Yoshi's Island!
  6. Cooking Mama is sooooooooooooo fun! You should definitely get it. As far as cases check eBay. The new Super Mario Bros. was lots of fun as well. :smile:
  7. Get Cake Mania, the New Super Mario Brothers, and Mario Kart DS.
  8. i love cooking mama, but boy does she get angry if you arent quick enough. lol.
    iv got a pink sock for mine, its like the ones you get for ipods and i bought it where i got my DS.
  9. I love Cake Mania

    Mario V's Donkey Kong - march of the mini's is good too
  10. I just got a ds lite too. Mostly for the nostalgia of when I used to play older Super Mario games lol I would recommend getting the new super mario bros game.
  11. my friend got a pretty cool case (which also had cases for the game, extra styluses, a wipe thing etc etc) at our local EBgames. I couldn't find it when I went to get one though :sad:

    Anyways, I love Diddy Kong Racing, Mario 64 DS, Super Mario Bros, Advance Wars and MarioKart - they are must-haves in my collection :yes:
  12. I have a pink case for mine that I got at Best Buy. It holds the unit & about 10 games.

    I really like Kirby's Squeak Squad & Princess Peach. Trace Memory is fun if you like mysteries.
  13. Cooking Mama - this game is fantastic!

    Point Blank - if you like the arcade one you will love this!

    and the game with Boggle, Battleships, Yahtzee and Monopoly on it is good. Boggle is so addictive!
  14. New Super Mario Brothers!
  15. i love...

    bomberman land touch
    mario cart
    trauma centre