Nimbus PM or Beverly MM?

  1. I currently own a few Balenciagas and a black Chanel medallion tote, a few LV accessories and some LV shoes. I am thinking of getting an LV bag and have narrowed it down to the beverly MM or the nimbus PM. I tried the nimbus GM, and it was too big and bulky. I am trying to pick the most wearable and practical of the 2, any suggestions? I wear a variety of colors.
  2. i have both, but i find myself using the Nimbus PM more, because it's in the darker Anthracite color and it doesn't get dirty so easily, whereas the Beverly MM has all that vachetta to look after. then again, the Beverly goes with everything because, but if you HAVE to have both, get the Nimbus first, because it's limited. you can always get the Beverly another time
  3. I'm glad you responded, since you have both bags. I was actually viewing your modeling pictures in another thread for size comparison. I would probably only get one of the two for now. I was thinking of getting the lighter grey color if I get the nimbus.
  4. NIMBUS!!!!! It is so different... But I do love the beverly
  5. Nimbus is a great bag!!
  6. I think they are both gorgeous! I like the nimbus, but I see it as a more delicate don't use it all the time bag... I think in the long run the beverley will hold up better!
  7. ^I agree, I think the Beverly will last longer!
  8. Start with the nimbus if it's a must have for you because it's LE, then you can always get the beverly later on.
  9. ^ Ita!
  10. ^^ i second that! although i so love the beverly, you should get the nimbus first as it is LE
  11. Beverly is more practical.
    I don't own Beverly yet, but I rarely use my Nimbus...
  12. Nimbus PM ..I love this bag:heart:
  13. I am thinking of getting both. I am cleaning out my closet and may be able to afford both soon. I am thinking of getting the nimbus GM after all and the beverly mm. Do you all like the nimbus GM too?
  14. I've been using Nimbus at least 2-3 times a week since I got it. I love it. It's so durable, won't get dirty, looks great with everything.
  15. I LOVE the nimbus! Wish I could afford it.