Nikki is here :)

  1. I just got my Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Hobo and I :heart::heart::heart: this bag. It is big, but so slouchy and cool. It could store a lot but doesn't weigh a ton. The color is a greenish navy that changes color depending on the light. Really recommend this bag.
    scratch2.jpg scratch.jpg
  2. Wow what a lovely bag! Great color, and I love the detail on the sides.

  3. sooo cute!! where did you get it? i can't seem to find the nikki in blue!
  4. great bag..congrats!
  5. The color looks great, thanks for posting pics.
  6. It is sold out everywhere but I found it at new for $399.00. Really impressed with Rachel.
  7. great to know! mind taking a picture of it on? i'd love to see how it looks!
  8. Would love to see you modeling it!
  9. I have been looking for this bag for a long time. I did a search on site but couldn't find it. Could you tell me how you ordered it? Via phone or online? TIA!
  10. Online. they have the one of a kind section and the picture was posted there, but not the nikki name.
  11. Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!! :flowers:
  12. Oh... No.... It is currently "on hold", so it is not available. :crybaby:
  13. Ooooh lucky you! Congrats!!
  14. I'm not at all familiar with that bag but it sure looks like a beauty! Especially love the color. Enjoy!
  15. cute, congrats! :biggrin: