Nightshade's 1st Hermes bag + accessories... the beginning of a lifelong "addiction"

  1. I posted a while back seeing opinions about a vintage HAC that i fell in love with...
    well so i ended up getting it!!! i don't regret my decision, when i received it i think i loved it even more, the patina its developed over the years is beautiful and the size is perfect for me too!

    presenting my 32 HAC in vache naturelle:
    and here's one of me with the bag

    Of course, my Hermes addiction doesn't stop there... i recently bought the 2007 Dance/carousel cadena off eBay (because the gold isn't available in australia, only the palladium/silver) to go with my HAC! it hasn't arrived yet, so i'm using a pic from eBay for now ;)

    Finally, my new orange & palladium clic clac (PM size)!
    i have tiny wrists so its quite loose on me still... i can actually slide this off my hand without having to unfasten the clasp, eek!

    Thanks so much for letting me share my new H-goodies with ya'll! :heart:
  2. your vache natural birkin is gorgeous... as are you!
  3. Whoa!!! What beauties!!!! I love the color!!!
  4. There's a lot of vache natural floating around this subforum lately. Not that I'm complaining. It's a gorgeous bag.
  5. oh the HAC is a beauty!

    love the rest of your H loot! welcome to the orange side!
  6. awesome! we've got new vache and vintage...the leather certainly does seem to age well! :biggrin:
  7. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  8. lol i was just thinking that as well! no better time to showcase yet another one, i suppose :p

    thanks for the lovely comments, everyone :love:
  9. I love everything, what great taste! Enjoy!
  10. congrats :party: and do more modelling for us with your vache naturelle HAC :flowers:
  11. Really really gorgeous!!! LOVE your clic clac as well!
  12. Awww it looks so lovley on you
    what an elegant young lady you are!

    Well done indeed it all goes so well
    what size was the bracelet was it pm or gm??

    it all looks great
  13. Congratulations! The HAC and the accessories are beautiful and the HAC looks great on you!
  14. thanks ardneish! the clic clac is the PM size, like i mentioned earlier :smile: it doesn't really look like the PM on me though! lol!
  15. It looks wonderful on you!! Congratulations! And the accessories aren't so bad either. ;)