"Night Blue" anyone have good pics of this color? ROP

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  1. I am about to buy my first MA mini, and am deciding between evergreen and Night Blue, of which I cant seem to find a real accurate "real life" pic of. If anyone owns Night Blue in the MA or mini, if you could be so kind as to post pics her of them id sure appreciate it!
    Some pics show it as a purpley blue, others almost navy

    Decisions, decisions, ALL the colors are SO pretty!!
    Thanks very much ladies!
  2. I keep coming back to Lexie's picture. Hopefully this is helpful.

  3. Thank you! That helps alot! I just did a search as well and came up with some other pics. My head is going to explode trying to decide between Night Blue and evergreen. And of course, looking at all the pics here Ive just discovered "wine"..which is also just to die for.
  4. Wow!!! gorgeous color!!! this bag is next on my list. :graucho:
  5. I can tell you that you'll have better luck solving the mystery of the Pyramids before you find that WINE!